29 December 2010

I heart Gardein

I am quite excited at this new item I found! Found it at an Albertson's! I'll let you know how they are after I try them
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20 December 2010

Celebrity Vegans

There are people living a happy, healthy lifestyle (vegan, that is) that you would never even think of.  I think some of the more famous vegans are Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia.  But you may not know that co-founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, Russell Simmons, is also a vegan - for over 10 years!  Follow this link for Russell's take on why he made the decision to be vegan, and the impact he sees from this lifestyle -


According to Russell Simmons, you save over 100 animals per year by switching to a vegetarian lifestyle.  Based on this, I've saved well over 250 animals in my 2.5 years of veganism - that sounds like a lot of impact to me! 

12 December 2010

Vegan Super Powers

my boyfriend got me to watch the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.  To be honest, it sounded pretty lame when he described it as "Michael Cera wants to date this girl, but has to defeat her ex's and it's like a video game" but I gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised.  I actually really like the movie!  

There is one "evil ex" who is vegan, and as such has vegan super powers (of course! I'm still waiting to get mine....).  Well Scott Pilgrim tricks the vegan into drinking half and half in his coffee, so the vegan police arrive and take away his vegan super powers.  "no vegan diet, no vegan powers." You'll have to watch the clip, I find it hilarious.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7qDBCDMSo8 

Since seeing the movie, I've watched this clip on You Tube and thought it was pretty interesting to read the comments - most people thought it was hilarious, but there were a few vegans who were outraged and thought the clip was insulting to vegans.  One commenter says "Anyhow, veganism isnt about being better then other people (thats why i hate this clip because thats what it makes you think its about). Its about doing whats right."

While I agree that vegan is the right choice, I can also appreciate that this scene is from a movie and it's funny.  

milk and eggs, bitch.  

love, me

03 December 2010

The Never-Ending Quest to Veganize the World :)

How many vegans out there have thought, "I wish I lived in a vegan world."  I know I think it almost daily, and it has definitely been my facebook status a few times.  Of course not without the sarcastic comments from a few friends who would be proud to claim the 'meatatarian' label...

But think about it, I mean really think about it - what would it be to live in a world where most people and things were vegan?  Where omnivores had to go to special stores to find the things they like to eat?  Where dairy farms did not exist?  Where animals lived a life free of the inevitable torture in the food industry?? 

I'm embarking on a quest (in blog form) to veganize the world.  I'll use it as a forum to pose anything vegan in hopes to spark the thought in the minds of people everywhere..."maybe I should be vegan."  I know what you're thinking...'good luck!' :)  But I have a little story to tell you...  Someone very close to me once asked me why I was vegan, and I responded that I thought I could make a difference in the world through this lifestyle.  I went on to explain the impacts I'd learned of that the food industry has not only on animals, but the world, and the impact that the consumption of animal products has on the human body.  I said I hoped to live a happier, healthier life, and to make a difference - and he simply responded - but you're just one person, do you really expect that your being vegan will change the world?  That really hurt.  I am just one person, but every idea starts somewhere, with one person.  Where would we be in the world with this kind of thinking?!  I'd love to live in a world where every person pursued the things they're passionate about and made an honest effort to change the world for the better...and I'd love it even more if that world was vegan.