15 May 2011

If I could go back...

What would I have appreciated someone telling me before I became vegan?  Easy number one answer for me: cold turkey is not the way!!  That's right, I went from omnivore to vegan overnight.  On July 2nd, 2008 I ate all the foods in the world, or at least was willing to.  On July 3rd, 2008 I was vegan.  I wish I could say I never looked back, but that's just not realistic.  On July 9, I went to Azteca for my friend's birthday.  If you know the place, you'd know that the vegan thing on the menu is a side of whole beans.  The Mexcian rice is questionable.. so I just freaked out and ordered fajitas...  I gained composure after that episode, and re-set on the course, but still maintained the cold turkey approach.  I was lucky to be living with supportive friends, one of whom became vegan with me.  With that said, though, there is no way to know if this would have worked for me had I not gone cold turkey.  I have vegetarian friends who may never stop eating eggs and dairy, and I think I would have been one of them!  It is hard, at first, to give something up that you enjoy.  If I'd given up meat first, would I have been able to find the will power to give up more of the foods I enjoyed later??

What else would I have liked to know along the way?

  • Plantar's nuts are not vegan!  They contain gelatin...yeah, wtf...
  • People will NEVER stop asking "why?" or "what CAN you eat??"  think about what you'll say when you're asked, so you're not a deer in headlights! 
  • learn to cook :-)  honestly, you'll be preparing your own meals more often, and it will mostly be things you've never cooked before.

The bottom line is if I could go back and re-write my journey to veganism, I wouldn't change a thing.  Every adventure in life shapes who we are, and I've loved every minute of it.