14 June 2012

Baking Adventures

In the oven right now are some vegan, sugar free and gluten free chocolate chip walnut cookies! Courtesy of this recipe. We replaced the egg with a vegan substitute, used sorghum flour because that's what we had (any gluten free flour will do!), and made sure to find sugar free chocolate. They're purposely vegan and sugar free; gluten free is just an extra due to explorations of different grains. The dough is delicious, but we may try agave instead of honey next time because the honey flavor is a bit overpowering - we'll see after they're baked! Can't wait to try them - let me know if you try out the recipe too!

 **EDIT: the dough didn't look much like cookie dough, so we added extra flour - don't do this! They came out really dry, so we think that the large volume of chocolate chips and walnuts is what binds the cookies together. While they were still tasty, next time we'll follow the recipe exactly and I think they'll be great!**

27 April 2012

More Soft Blocks!

My manager has a 5 month old son, and she asked if I would make soft blocks for him!  She just loved the ones I made for my niece (see previous post), and knew her son would love them.  I happened to have some great dinosaur fabric, and a bright orange cotton that matched perfectly!  I just had to pick up some baby blue minky fabric and we were set.  I sewed them up last night and presented them today.  I was pleased with how quickly they came together - I must be getting good at this!  She loved them, and I can't wait to hear how delighted her son is with the new toy. 

I'm also pleased to report that this checks off an item on my "101 goals in 1001 days" list - sell my crafts!  I am by no means done trying to sell them, but it has begun!  

26 April 2012

More Sewing Adventures

This was my very first project - a bag!  I followed a pattern in my sewing book, and it was incredibly easy!  Turning the handles did give me a bit of grief, but it worked out and I just made the handles wider on my second bag! 

These coffee cozies were the first item I perfected.  I picked up a "how-to" from JoAnn's, and decided to make mine with felt.  They're so fun to make, and the double layer of felt really works well!  I love that I can embellish with fun buttons to make them each unique! 

22 April 2012

a beautiful day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I even got a little sun burn!  I did some chores, and laid out in the backyard during my "chore breaks."  =)  It was then I noticed the barbecue tucked in for winter, and decided it needed to be brought out for the season, so I drug it up onto the patio and invited a couple friends over for dinner.  It was a lovely day, and a fabulous evening laughing with friends.  Plus, I made a delicious guacamole that we enjoyed with chips, and I added to my Boca chik'n burger to make it out of this world amazing.

All in all, a fabulous day.  If you asked for one word to describe this day, I'd say happy.  I'm truly looking forward to the 70+ degree weather expected for the next 3 days!  I think the barbecue may have an encore performance later in the week!

15 April 2012

Getting better at sewing

I repurposed an old soccer jersey into a cinch sack! I used a couple parts borrowed from another cinch sack that was begging for retirement and the body of the jersey became the new bag! Hopefully it holds up to use.
I'm really loving my sewing adventures. Hopefully will be finishing a dress for myself soon!

03 March 2012

Apple Sage Sausage

Who has heard of those lists of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days? I think its called the Day Zero project originally.. anyway, I made such a list, and one of my "things" is trying at least one new recipe per month! Tonight I started a recipe from The Vegan Slow Cooker cookbook, full of tons of recipes that can be made in a crock pot!! Tomorrow I'm making breakfast sausage in crescent rolls, and the ingredients need to be mixed and refrigerated over night before they're cooked. Here are the ingredients pre-mixing! I'm super excited to cook and eat it tomorrow. The intro says its the texture of Gimme Lean :)

25 February 2012

Vegan Nutrition

Some guides on Vegan Nutrition I just found - had to share :-)

Demystifying Vegan Nutrition: A Starter Guide {click}

Vegan Coach {click}

Spicy Burger Mac & Chreese

Mac & Cheese is my all time favorite food.  Becoming vegan had absolutely no affect on my love, but I have been on a tireless search for the perfect vegan mac & cheese recipe!  Well, recently - I found it and by accident, really!  A friend of my boyfriends parents decided to make a vegan mac & cheese for our xmas eve celebration and it was a-mazing!!  So amazing in fact, that I found myself being yelled at by my boyfriend later that night for heating up the leftovers... "that's not vegan!" he says!  "oh yes it is!"  Much to my delight, this dish was so fabulous it tricked him :)  That recipe can be found here.  Trust me, it's worth it!!

Today, however, I found myself craving my favorite dish AND a quick meal.  About 2 years ago, I discovered a vegan powdered cheese mix - yes, think the packet that comes in a Kraft Mac&Cheese box - and it was great.  Though it's not super gooey nor to die for, it totally serves it's purpose - easy and tastes good.  Road's End Organics Cheddar Style Chreese - I find it at my favorite natural market.  And in case you're wondring if I meant "chreese" (with the 'r'), I did - it's pronounced like "trees."  They also make full box mac and cheese with this sauce, but it's much more economical to get your own noodles.  So, I prepared the sauce, boiled some whole wheat shells, and sauteed up some Boca ground crumbles.  I added cayenne pepper, because I'm addicted to spicy.  There you have it - easy peasy mac & chreesey :)

Spicy Burger Mac & Chreese

1 packet Road's End Organics Cheddar Style Chreese
1.5 cups dry noodles (your choice on shape!)
1/2 cup Boca ground crumbles
spices to meet your desires!

- Boil & drain noodles (rinse if desired).  
- Saute Boca ground crumbles (season if desired - I added Cajun seasoning and Mrs. Dash's original)
- Prepare Chreese sauce according to package directions.  
- Combine all ingredients in the sauce pan and season to your liking!  {I used cayenne pepper...mmm}