25 February 2012

Vegan Nutrition

Some guides on Vegan Nutrition I just found - had to share :-)

Demystifying Vegan Nutrition: A Starter Guide {click}

Vegan Coach {click}

Spicy Burger Mac & Chreese

Mac & Cheese is my all time favorite food.  Becoming vegan had absolutely no affect on my love, but I have been on a tireless search for the perfect vegan mac & cheese recipe!  Well, recently - I found it and by accident, really!  A friend of my boyfriends parents decided to make a vegan mac & cheese for our xmas eve celebration and it was a-mazing!!  So amazing in fact, that I found myself being yelled at by my boyfriend later that night for heating up the leftovers... "that's not vegan!" he says!  "oh yes it is!"  Much to my delight, this dish was so fabulous it tricked him :)  That recipe can be found here.  Trust me, it's worth it!!

Today, however, I found myself craving my favorite dish AND a quick meal.  About 2 years ago, I discovered a vegan powdered cheese mix - yes, think the packet that comes in a Kraft Mac&Cheese box - and it was great.  Though it's not super gooey nor to die for, it totally serves it's purpose - easy and tastes good.  Road's End Organics Cheddar Style Chreese - I find it at my favorite natural market.  And in case you're wondring if I meant "chreese" (with the 'r'), I did - it's pronounced like "trees."  They also make full box mac and cheese with this sauce, but it's much more economical to get your own noodles.  So, I prepared the sauce, boiled some whole wheat shells, and sauteed up some Boca ground crumbles.  I added cayenne pepper, because I'm addicted to spicy.  There you have it - easy peasy mac & chreesey :)

Spicy Burger Mac & Chreese

1 packet Road's End Organics Cheddar Style Chreese
1.5 cups dry noodles (your choice on shape!)
1/2 cup Boca ground crumbles
spices to meet your desires!

- Boil & drain noodles (rinse if desired).  
- Saute Boca ground crumbles (season if desired - I added Cajun seasoning and Mrs. Dash's original)
- Prepare Chreese sauce according to package directions.  
- Combine all ingredients in the sauce pan and season to your liking!  {I used cayenne pepper...mmm}