22 April 2012

a beautiful day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I even got a little sun burn!  I did some chores, and laid out in the backyard during my "chore breaks."  =)  It was then I noticed the barbecue tucked in for winter, and decided it needed to be brought out for the season, so I drug it up onto the patio and invited a couple friends over for dinner.  It was a lovely day, and a fabulous evening laughing with friends.  Plus, I made a delicious guacamole that we enjoyed with chips, and I added to my Boca chik'n burger to make it out of this world amazing.

All in all, a fabulous day.  If you asked for one word to describe this day, I'd say happy.  I'm truly looking forward to the 70+ degree weather expected for the next 3 days!  I think the barbecue may have an encore performance later in the week!

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