26 April 2012

More Sewing Adventures

This was my very first project - a bag!  I followed a pattern in my sewing book, and it was incredibly easy!  Turning the handles did give me a bit of grief, but it worked out and I just made the handles wider on my second bag! 

These coffee cozies were the first item I perfected.  I picked up a "how-to" from JoAnn's, and decided to make mine with felt.  They're so fun to make, and the double layer of felt really works well!  I love that I can embellish with fun buttons to make them each unique! 

These soft baby blocks were created from this tutorial.  My friend Caty and I had a ton of fun making these together, and I love how they turned out!  My blocks are currently en route to my sweet baby niece who is just about 4 months old! 

Lastly (for now!), this dress was crafted by adding a skirt to a onesie!  I got the idea here, and made it my own!  This little gem is also on it's way to my niece! 

just look how cute she is =D

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