14 June 2012

Baking Adventures

In the oven right now are some vegan, sugar free and gluten free chocolate chip walnut cookies! Courtesy of this recipe. We replaced the egg with a vegan substitute, used sorghum flour because that's what we had (any gluten free flour will do!), and made sure to find sugar free chocolate. They're purposely vegan and sugar free; gluten free is just an extra due to explorations of different grains. The dough is delicious, but we may try agave instead of honey next time because the honey flavor is a bit overpowering - we'll see after they're baked! Can't wait to try them - let me know if you try out the recipe too!

 **EDIT: the dough didn't look much like cookie dough, so we added extra flour - don't do this! They came out really dry, so we think that the large volume of chocolate chips and walnuts is what binds the cookies together. While they were still tasty, next time we'll follow the recipe exactly and I think they'll be great!**